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0,7%-Spende in 2014 an CYO Sierra Leone
Anthony Senesie, National President CYO Sierra Lenoe

In 2014 entschied sich der KjG-Bundesrat, die eigene 0,7%-Spende an unsere Fimcap-Partnerorganisation CYO Sierra Leone zu übergeben. Der Verband ist derzeit sehr stark von der Ebola-Epidemie betroffen und die KjG will damit ein Zeichen der Solidarität setzen. Hier geht es zum Beschluss.

Die Spende ist mittlerweile in Sierra Leone angekommen. Eine Rückmeldung von CYO Sierra Leone kam prompt, hier ein Ausschnitt der verschiedenen Mailkontakte:

Anthony Senesie, der "National President" von CYO Sierra Lenoe schrieb uns wie folgt: "(...) Our profound thanks and appreciation to you and friends of KjG for your show of solidarity in our time of pains and suffering (...) After consultations with other executive members we have decided to utilize the donated amount to support the fight against the Ebola virus in our own little way by supporting quarantine homes."

Wir baten Anthony, uns nochmals einige Informationen mehr über die "quarantine homes" zu schreiben:

"Quarantine homes are residences of Ebola positive victims that are been clinically tested and proven as Ebola patients when once an ebola positive victim is taking to a treatment centre, the rest of the other Inhabitants of such homes are set aside in their residence for observation by security and health service providers between two to twenty one days to ensure the virus is not spread to others. Movement of individuals in quarantine homes are restricted thereby creating a situation where they cannot undertake their normal duties to earn income, they are been left to rely on the support of goodwill organizations and philanthropists for daily survival. A random survey of quarantines homes carried out depicts that the huge chunks of inhabitants of such homes are mainly youths and children.

However, we as a youth serving organization do not intend to operate quarantine homes largely as a result of the huge cost involved in their operations but rather we intend to donate some basic food and non food items that will in its entirety aid their living."

Über die allgemeine Situation von Sierra Leone und die Arbeit von CYO schrieb Anthony folgendes:

(...) The virus has led to a degeneration of the country's educational,economical,tourism,agricultural and all facet of society. Livelihoods have been impeded,schools, colleges and universities remains closed. The government had place a ban on all meetings and gatherings that are not ebola related,therefore we indefinitely postponed our national youth assembly that would been held in August of this year and have temporarily canceled our meetings in all dioceses. Nontheless we have join the fight against ebola in our own little way by giving out manuals aimed at sensitizing our membership nationwide,recently we produced a song on ebola that is been played in almost all radio stations in the country."


Wir bemühen uns derzeit noch um eine Übersetzung seiner E-Mails, so dass wir die Texte hoffentlich bald auch in Deutsch zur Verfügung stellen können.

Falls ihr Fragen oder Rückmeldungen dazu habt, könnt ihr euch an Anne Schirmer, KjG-Bundesleiterin anne.schirmer(at) wenden.

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