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The Katholische Junge Gemeinde (KJG, Catholic Young Parish) is a big catholic and democratic children and youth organisation within the Catholic Church. In Germany, 80,000 children, teenagers and adults form the KJG which is divided in 24 dioceses. First of all, KJG is involved in the face-to-face-work in the parishes. Everybody who owns the KJG's principals and aims is welcome to take part.


KJG stands for children's rights and co-determination. For justice and peace, here and everywhere else in the world. For equality of boys and girls, men and women. For an environment which is worth living. For the dialog among all religions and cultures. And for an open and modern, colourful and vital church where children and teenagers and young adults find a home for their experiences and belief in God. Thus KJG understands itself as a church in the world of children, teenagers and young adults.


KJG supports them in living responsibly and to develop their own perspectives on life. It accompanies them on their search for sustainable life concepts and orientation.

It offers them an approach to the Christian belief and encourages them to take responsibility for their religion. KJG supports them to take over social, pedagogical and political responsibility in a lot of ways and helps to develop personal interests and capabilities.


KJG is built up democratically and achieves co-determination for children on all levels. Children, teenagers and young adults determine what to say and what to do. KJG stands in for their interests as well as the children's interests in face of the Church, governments and society on all kind of levels (parish, district/region, diocese, state-wide). KJG is joined together with other German Catholic youth organisations to form the Bund der Deutschen Katholischen Jugend (BDKJ) and its worldwide operating partner organisation FIMCAP.  


Weltjugendtag - Marienfeld



Apart from the wide range of activities from the single parishes, KJG also realises national projects. In this respect, KJG introduced hand in hand with Jewish and Muslim youth organisations the multi-religious dialog “Trialog – Together in Difference”. Special emphasis is laid on the gender-specific projects „4girls“ and „generation xy – keine musterknaben“. The year 2005 was dedicated to the XX. World Youth Day in Cologne where fimcap and KJG presented their international meeting point „feel the spirit“. In summer 2006 the national campaign for members „menschkomm! KJG bewegt“ was launched.


KJG was founded in 1970 when a Catholic organisation for young women, and a Catholic organisation for young men, merged. On their first meeting in 1968 in Münster, a new logo was introduced: the Seelenbohrer (soul driller).


Thomas Morus Thomas More (1478-1535) was chosen to be KJG’s patron saint: “I never thought of consenting to a matter, if it would defy my morals.” Thomas More gave his life for this principle which is still thought to reflect KJG’s attitude.


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